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Universal Space Plan (USP)

Test bed, prototype, concept—these are terms used to describe the Universal Space Plan (USP) being implemented in Wedges 2-5. USP is one way the Pentagon Renovation Program hopes to advance its schedule by four year, completing the renovation of the Pentagon in 2010 rather than 2014. Under the USP, Pentagon offices will be constructed as generically as possible with a very robust infrastructure, capable of meeting the requirements of any Pentagon tenant who may one day occupy that space. The Universal Space plan can accommodate all standard DoD office configurations. The offices are configured using open office bays, enhanced natural lighting, “smart walls” and free standing furniture. “Smart walls are permanently constructed walls that provide a rigid yet easily reconfigured space,” said Darryl Henderson, Pentagon Renovation Tenant Coordinator and Space Planner. “The Universal Space Plan modernizes the condensed cubicle office environment by adapting innovative office configurations using free standing furniture and smart walls.”

The USP lab is 10,000 square feet of office space in Wedge 2 that has been modified and rebuilt several times as design concepts were developed and tested. The Wedge 2-5 design build team including prime contractor Hensel Phelps Construction and Studios Architecture developed this innovative design lab that reintroduces components reminiscent of the building’s original design and purpose including open office bays and use of enhanced natural lighting. The USP lab provides a testing bed where decision makers can see the concepts evolve first hand and test the practicality of their decisions before implementing them on a larger scale.

       Download Universal Space Plan Document   1 mb Adobe PDF file     
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